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What To Do If You Breakdown On The Highway

what to do if you break downKingsport, TN

Breaking down on the side of the highway is always inconvenient. A flat tire, dead battery, or mechanical malfunction can leave you stranded and in danger as other vehicles zoom past. Here are some tips for how to safely handle a breakdown when it happens to you.

Move to the right

If your car is stalling, or you need to pull over to inspect for a flat tire, be sure to merge as far to the right as possible. It is a general rule that slower traffic drives in the right-hand lane, plus the shoulder is usually much wider, giving you more room.

If for some reason your car dies before you can make it to the right shoulder, do not get out of your car. Although sitting in your car may make you feel like you are not accomplishing anything, attempting to cross the interstate is extremely dangerous and not advisable. If it is dark outside and you still have power to your car, turn your interior lights on as an extra precaution.

Call for help

If you have a phone, call for help immediately. If you do not have a phone, walk to the nearest emergency call box. Phone an emergency roadside service company, such as PWC Road Service.

Work safe

Never work on your car on the side that is facing traffic. If you can, try to drive your car far enough away from the road that it does not put you in danger to work on the troubled area.

Warning lights

Be sure to turn on your flashing lights, also known as hazards, to warn other motorists that your vehicle is stranded. If it is dark, turn your interior lights on to make you more visible to passing vehicles.

Changing a flat

If you get a flat tire, do not attempt to change it if your car is sitting close to traffic. Try to drive the car only as far as you need to reach a safe area before changing the flat.

If you find yourself stranded, give PWC Road Service a call at (423) 247-2700. PWC serves Kingsport, Church Hill, and Johnson City, Tennessee.

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