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Safety Tips For Summer Driving

safety tips for summer drivingKingsport, TN

You would think that driving in the summer time should be safer than any other time of year. After all, it could not possibly seem as dangerous as icy roads during the winter or flooded roads in the spring, right? There are quite a few reasons why driving in the summer is as dangerous as any other time of year.

Teen Drivers

Since the school year has come to a close, more teen drivers are out and driving. Unfortunately, teen drivers mean a greater risk to the rest of us on the road, due to their inevitable lack of driving experience. Data reveals that teens are more likely to be involved in an automobile accident than any other age group out on the road.


Summer means vacation time! When people drive out of town, they are often driving on unfamiliar roads, and distracted by the new scenery. Also, traffic jams tend to cause people to become impatient when they are driving so plan ahead when you leave for vacation. Allow yourself plenty of time to arrive safely at your destination.

Tire Blowouts

Check the air pressure in your tires regularly during the hot summer months. The excessive heat causes the air inside the tires to expand, which can make for a dangerous mix if your tires are already worn out. Also, don’t risk driving on old, worn out tires.


Summer is the ideal time for road construction. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, construction zones account for nearly 700 driving fatalities a year between 2007 and 2012. Drive cautiously through construction zones, slow down, and obey the reduced speed limit.

More Bikes

There tend to be more people out on the roads riding bikes and motorcycles during the summer. Be sure always to look twice, be courteous by sharing the road with bicyclists.

Sun and Excessive Heat

Take one step outside in this heat and you will understand how quickly someone could overheat in this weather. Be sure always to keep at least one bottle of water with you. Should your vehicle break down, you may need to walk to get to help. Even if you are waiting for help to arrive, you may need water to keep from overheating. Also, be aware that your engine is susceptible to overheating as well. If this happens, pull over and let your engine cool down, and call for help.

There are always potential dangers on the road. Always be aware of your surroundings, the speed limit, plan ahead, and let someone know where you are headed.

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