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Category Archives: Car Maintenance

Most Common Causes of the Check Engine Light

Kingsport, TN The check-engine-light is the number one indicator that vehicle owners cringe at the sight of when they see it. What could it be? Well, honestly, that warning could be caused by many different mechanical issues, some of which may be costly to repair. To help you save money on the front end, here…
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Is Your Car Ready for Winter

Kingsport, TN Car trouble is always an inconvenience but, when you have vehicle problems in the winter, it can be dangerous because of the potential of being stranded in ice, snow, and low temperatures. While some mishaps are inevitable, you should be on the safe side and prepare your car now for the winter by…
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How to Keep Your Car Running

Kingsport, TN Most of us take for granted that when we get into our car, it starts with no problem and gets us from point A to point B, until it doesn't. Keeping a car running may be easier than you think, and it may save you money in the long run by avoiding costly…
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